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Bella Bag

Ok, usually I don't like to type a lot about items cause it makes the post longer and well, I'm kinda lazy. But I have to add this little snipet directly from Stitch & Swash about this great bag...

"this leather tote design was used by Bella in Twilight!awhile back I was contacted by a props manager about one of my bags she had purchased at the Seattle boutique Velouria. the bag was being used in a movie they were shooting in the northwest, and they needed a duplicate for a stunt double asap. I had to stay up late and whip up a duplicate that night, then overnight it to her in Portland.

little did I know that the movie was the huge blockbuster Twilight! it was used throughout the movie as Bella's main bag (besides her orange bookbag she takes to school).

you can see it in the opening scene when she's grabbing her bags from her dad's patrol car. she uses it when she goes to Port Angeles and gets chased in a dark alley by bad guys. she also uses it to pack later in the movie when she runs away from Forks.

after seeing the movie I have decided to make this design available again to any Twilight lovers out there! since this tote is made from NEW leather, NOT recycled, (just like the one that was used in Twilight), it's priced higher.

this bag is exactly the same as the large tote made for Twilight. with dark brown leather, rounded strap ends, brass rings, orange stitching, and an aqua peacock feather (design by Vice & Vision). the bag is lined with cotton fabric and includes a pocket and key clip. also has a magnetic snap closure. the biggest bag I make, it's a great tote for school, work, running away with your vampire boyfriend - whatever! straps are about 25” long and dimensions of the bag are 18" x 14”."

I know, I know... it was long. But still...
This bag is currently featured in my 'Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner' Etsy Showcase!
p.s. I NEED this bag.

p.s.s. She offers FREE Priority shipping!

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Found her on the front page of Etsy and fell in love.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Coaster Gnome

I appologize for the small photos. Not sure what's going on with that. But it's even more of a reason you should check out Little Coaster Gnome's shop on Etsy!

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